EcoZoom stoves use a rocket stove design which directs air through burning fuel that is situated in an internal combustion chamber. The specifications and dimensions of our stove's internal combustion chamber encourages the mixing of gases and flames above the fuel which results in a cleaner more complete burn. This significantly reduces smoke emissions compared to those from an open fire. Our precise internal stove dimensions are essential to achieving high combustion efficiency and heat transfer, capable of emitting up to 23,000 BTUs.

U.S. Products

All of our stoves feature a refractory metal lined combustion chamber which increases the life of the stove and can withstand large volumes of heat exposure before breaking down. Add in a fully insulated body to the stove and you have a safe, efficient, and powerful cooking machine. Our stoves use 60% less fuel and emit 70% less smoke than cooking on an open fire, reducing consumption of natural resources and toxic smoke inhalation while enabling you took cook with just a few sticks. For complete information on each model we sell in the US (and in other developed countries) visit our Products page.

EcoZoom's CoolTouch Technology makes cooking with fire safe by keeping the body of your stove from becoming dangerously hot. Even after hours of cooking, our CoolTouch Technology reduces the risk of burns when coming in contact with the stove's body. This means that EcoZoom stoves retain and transfer heat where you want it most: To your pots and pans rather than the body of the stove.


Nature's elements can be harsh on your gear, causing it to breakdown and look worn over time. Our ColorKeeper coating protects your stove from corrosive moisture and rust while helping to keep its original color after hours of high temperature cooking.


Rocket Stove Technology