Donate a Stove

By donating a one time 40 USD you will be able to help improve the life of kids in the Kibera slum (Nairobi, Kenya) for 5 years!


With this 40 USD, we will be able to give a family our latest Zoom Jet charcoal stove. With this stove we will provide the family the opportunity to:

About Kibera and the families we support:

Kibera is a neighborhood of Nairobi and the largest urban slum in Africa. Estimations on the total population vary from 500,000 to well over 1,000.000. Most of Kibera slum residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1.00 per day. Unemployment rates are high, there are few schools and most people cannot afford an education for their children.


Since most families cannot afford education for their children, Jairus Makambi started the Cheery Children Education Centre which enables children from some of the poorest families to get an education for a small fee. The fee does not cover the full cost of delivering the education so the school is dependent on external support & donations.



We want to enable these families to improve their lives by saving up to $200 a year and by living healthier. Every time you donate a stove we are able to help a family in need (for 5 years)! Your help is highly appreciated!



For more information about the Kibera slum, go to

Please note: for US citizens, we are not a qualified tax exempt organization so donations are not tax deductible.

Number of stoves to donate: