Camping Stove

EcoZoom stoves are easy to use, safe, and fun for the whole family to use for outdoor cooking and camping. The outside of the stove stays cool to the touch when use is under an hour. The stove is quick to light, easy to maintain the flame and simple to clean up. Often times your fuel supply can be found at your feet when camping. Gathering a few sticks and twigs is simple yet still provides enough fuel to cook an entire meal. EcoZoom stoves make perfect camp stoves without worrying about packing propane or fiddling with connector hoses. Be free from the hissing of propane and rediscover cooking with fire on your next camping trip.

Emergency Preparedness Stove

For many the EcoZoom stove is an essential part of their emergency preparation plan and kits. The stove is small, easy to store and fuel for it is all around you.  EcoZoom stoves use up to 60% less wood than an open fire and decreases smoke and harmful emissions by 70%. In an emergency, the supply of fuel can be interrupted. If you’re cooking with gas fuels, you may run out before the emergency is over. As it can become costly and cumbersome to store large amounts of propane, the EcoZoom stove is a lower cost, more secure option. If planning to use the EcoZoom in an emergency, we advise you to get it early and practice. That way, if you’re caught without your typical cooking method you’ll feel secure that you know how to use your alternative.

EcoZoom Rocket Stove Reviews


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