Zoom Plancha

$ 399.95

Inspired from the iconic wood stoves of the 20th century and designed specifically for families still cooking with wood stoves in Mexico, the Zoom Plancha incorporates the core technology of our Zoom Versa into a classic double burner model.

The EcoZoom Zoom Plancha has two independent combustion chambers that can be lit at the same time for maximum power, or individually for smaller cooking tasks. The large cast iron cooking surface heats up evenly and can be used with flat or rounded bottom pots and pans, or can be cooked on directly. The baffled bottom side of the cast iron tops forces smoke through the chimney, removing smoke from the immediate cooking area through up to 8 feet of chimney. Each combustion chamber can be fueled with wood, charcoal or biomass and is fully insulated for heat retention and transfer. The back of the stove includes a space to stack wet wood or fuel to quickly dry.

Ideal for a cabin or permanent outdoor kitchen, the EcoZoom Plancha is the perfect off-grid stove that is large and powerful enough to cook for an entire family.



  • Height: 12" (8ft of chimney included)
  • Width: 18" x 22"
  • Weight: 82 lbs


  • Two individual burners can be used at the same time or independently
  • Ability to cook with multiple pots or pans at the same time
  • Fully insulated body retains and transfers maximum heat
  • Chimney allows for removal of smoke from the cooking area
  • Wood drying compartment is located in the back of the stove
  • Reinforced metal door frames
  • Chimney guard provides added safety from burns
  • Chimney can be stacked up to 8ft tall
  • Comes in blue or black color


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