Outdoor Cooking

Connecting with nature means disconnecting from our everyday plugged in lives. The great outdoors offers us the freedom to explore, the tranquility to relax, and the opportunity to recharge our mind and body. Cooking outdoors should be no different. Every EcoZoom stove is built for maximum heat transfer, efficiency, and durability. Our rocket stove technology forces flames and gases to mix in a fully insulated internal combustion chamber. The result is an ecofriendly burn that minimizes fuel consumption and emissions while maximizing heat output.

Unlike traditional outdoor stoves, EcoZoom stoves don't rely on propane or gas fuel. Instead nature is your fuel and it is everywhere. Just a handful of sticks can cook an entire meal or boil water for your morning coffee. They are perfect for camping, backyard cooking, or in case of an emergency. Portable, powerful, and easy to use. EcoZoom stoves create a real outdoor cooking experience that reconnects you with nature. Go ahead, unplug, and feed your need for independence in the great outdoors with boundless cooking. Rediscover your fire.

Camping & Outdoor

EcoZoom stoves are easy to use, safe, and portable for camping and outdoor cooking. Reconnect with the outdoors by cooking over a fire using just a few sticks and twigs that can easily be found on the ground. EcoZoom stoves make perfect camping stoves without having to worry about packing propane or fiddling with connector hoses. Be free from the hissing of propane and rediscover cooking with fire on your next camping trip.

Off-Grid Living

EcoZoom stoves provide a durable and self-sufficient cooking alternative that use fuel efficiently, enabling you to live from the land, off the grid, or just more simply. The wood stove has played an iconic role within the American homestead lifestyle and our stoves looks to build off of that tradition with a durable build that features a robust cast iron top and reinforced metal door frames to last a lifetime of cooking.

Emergency & Survival

A reliable stove is a must have for your emergency preparedness kit. Our rocket stove technology offers the most durable, versatile, and easiest cooking solution in a time of need. Stop worrying about storing large amounts of propane and enjoy the piece of mind from an abundant supply of wood fuel. Our stoves meet the highest standards of durability to ensure that your EcoZoom stove will last as long as you need it.