International Projects

We believe that people of any economic status should have access to beautifully designed cooking products that will improve their health, income, and environment.

Our Customers

EcoZoom works with NGOs, governments, aid organizations and local businesses and entrepreneurs who want to put stoves into the hands of people who need them. We group our customers to three segments:

Commercial: Cookstoves can sell for profit throughout a sustainable value chain and creating recurring revenue opportunities for manufacturers and distributors. End consumers purchase a cookstove outright or will purchase a cookstove with end-user financing. This market may or may not use carbon financing, but does not depend on carbon financing.

Development: Cookstove markets are just getting started in many areas and must be fostered to grow into a commercial market. The value of a cookstove to a family is not well known, price elasticity of demand is quite small, and we compete for end user purchases with mobile phones or other technologies. Cookstove samples, and subsidized stoves, can help generate a thriving cookstove market. In some cases, stove donations or subsidies can break the poverty trap of spending a high amount of time or income on fuel, and demonstrate the value that an improved cookstove has to health and prosperity.

Relief: There are millions of people living in poverty and in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps. Relief organizations target these end users to provide relief in extreme settings and to break the poverty trap. Relief organizations also recognize the strain IDP camps put on local natural resources. Health impacts are also exacerbated with concentrated smoke and emissions.

Project Stages

Depending on where the project is and how developed the market is, a cookstove project will go through some or all of the following stages with lessons from the previous stage being integrated into the next.

Pilot: first stoves arrive in the project area to test user acceptance.

Proof of Concept: product modifications have been made (if needed), a larger quantity is brought in the further test product acceptance as well as training materials, distribution strategies, and other project aspects (project specific).

Growth: product and project systems are full vetted, a container of stoves (approx. 2,000) or more are brought into the market.

Maturity: project has successful delivered thousands of stoves and continues to reorder and expand their efforts.

After Sales Services

Besides stoves, we provide support, program development advice, third party testing results, end user training materials, advice on shipping and navigating customs, connecting people in country, and a host of other logistics. We view our customers as partners and want to work hand in hand with them to have successful projects.

EcoZoom stoves are now accepted and used by cooks in 34 countries on six continents.

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