The EcoZoom staff is happy to talk about our stoves, our mission and anything else related to getting ecological technologies to the world today. We’ll respond to your email as soon as possible or give us a call if you want.

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Come create change with us. We need you. Women and children around the world need you. Whether you think cooking shouldn’t kill, are one of our partners, like our stove or think that we’re doing a good thing – come join our Zoommunity. We want to keep you posted, learn from you, discuss with you and create a voice in the clean cookstove industry. We’ve set up a few different ways to get Zoommunity started. If you think of another one, let us know; we’re up from almost anything.

Facebook - our FB page gives updates on the clean cookstove industry and the issues, new products or sales, tips and recipes from other ‘stovers’, promotions, and international project news.

Twitter - much the same as what’s on FB, not as much detail but still informative enough to keep you up to date on the happenings.

Blog – here is where it gets serious. On our blog we’ll be discussing the issues associated with inefficient cooking practices, delve into our international projects, have some personal reflections from staff as we navigate the world of social entrepreneurship and international development, and more.

Newsletter - our newsletter comes out quarterly and gives information about company operations, new products and important milestones. It is a longer version of what you might find on FB and won’t have any promotions or sales. Join us today!

We’re looking forward to meeting you. – The EcoZoom Team

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