EcoZoom is a social enterprise and certified B Corporation that makes clean burning, portable wood and charcoal powered cookstoves.

We believe cooking should be healthy, efficient and ecofriendly for cooks around the globe.

EcoZoom Versa

The EcoZoom Versa is our most popular rocket stove due to its ability to cook with wood or charcoal. Rugged and durable, the Versa is built to last for 13,000 hours of cooking. Shop Now >

EcoZoom Dura

Loved for its simplicity, the EcoZoom Dura uses wood or biomass for fuel and is extremely durable. Just a few sticks will have this rocket stove boiling water in no time. Shop Now >

EcoZoom Plancha

Perfect for off-grid living, cabins, or permanent outdoor kitchens, the EcoZoom Plancha sports two burners and large cast iron cooking surface to cook with multiple pans at once. Shop Now >

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EcoZoom rocket stoves efficiently burn wood, charcoal, or solid biomass as fuel while significantly reducing smoke output. As a result, less natural resources are needed for fuel and less dangerous smoke is inhaled by cooks. In the United States and Europe, EcoZoom rocket stoves are perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, and off-grid living.

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